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About Us

For almost 50 years, our parent company-Design Dynamics- has produced outdoor billboard posters & banners.  Recently, it became obvious that we were the only remaining printer of fluorescent (i.e. neon or DayGlo) billboard posters in the WORLD!

Even more recently, Hauntcon- an Haunted House Convention came to in Pittsburgh, our home town.  We spoke with the organizer, Lenard Pickel, about exhibiting.  He enthusiastically exclaimed, "I've been looking for your for 30 years!"  He meant that our fluorescent (3-D) technology would be appreciated in the Haunt Industry.

We exhibited at Hauntcon & made some sales.  But mostly we were hooked on the welcome we received from the convention attendees.  Whether they were big corporations, amusement parks or home haunters, they were (and are) passionate about their industry; and welcoming to us newcomers & our 3-D technology.  That was 8 years ago and much of our business remains outdoor billboards, but we never miss Transworld or a chance to connect with our fellow haunters!

Many of our products are an offshoot of our billboard technology.  We use the same material that a billboard is printed on, except its flame retardant.  We also use the same ink as a billboard.  Thus our products are durable & can be used indoor or outdoor.  Strong, yet lightweight to be used year after year.

Good Luck with your Haunt this year!  Maybe we'll see you in St. Louis or Indianapolis.