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Baron Samedi

Enter into the frightening -yet real- world of VOODOO magic!

Our collection of Baron Samedi will surely thrill & scare your audience.  Baron Samedi is the Haitian god of death & master of the dead.  As a Loa, Voodoo god, he cannot be killed. But, be careful, if Baron Samedi doesn't want to escort you into the realm of the dead, you may come back as a ZOMBIE!  A well known portrayal of the Baron is in the James Bond film, Live & Let Die

Our huge life size Flame Retardant Poly scenes & backdrops reflect & enhance your haunt's theme.  Choose one or more & you'll be set up in hours, not days!

All scenes are printed in USA from quality reinforced heavy duty Polyethylene.  Puncture resistant & virtually tear-proof, these will last for years!