UA-174585549-1 PsychoSets – Aisle 13 at Pittsburgh poster



    These are life-like, ready made GlowFlex prints.

  Add a WOW! factor to your haunt. Glowflex Scene panels are translucent. It's EASY to install front lighting with UV black light or back light with our shimmering flame effect...   We'll show you how to do it.

 Add your own creature/actor to put some real scare into your show. A FULL & COMPLETE EXPERIENCE! They'll keep talking about your new sensation to bring in bigger & bigger crowds.

 Each section measures a HUGE 4'x8' or get all sections for the BIG PICTURE. Individual sections can be pieced together for smaller rooms.

 Can be used indoors or outdoors.

Forget heavy sheets of plywood.

 These ruff, tough FIRE RETARDANT panels weigh only a single pound per each big 4' x 8' sheet.