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Billboards (Bulletin ) Poster

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Other than the spoken word, billboards are  the earliest form of advertising known to man.  A recently unearthed hieroglyphic from way back in 3250 B.C., proclaimed the dominance Egyptian rulers over the entire world.  Later, of course, PT Barnum began the modern era of billboards with frontmen posting his promotions on fences.

Many things have changed since then, but one one thing remains constant:  The brighter the billboard, the more attention it gets.  Fluorescent colors (a.k.a.DayGlo, neon, GlowFlex) are the brightest available.  Thru a chemical reaction, they absorb light & re-reflect it 300% brighter than the original light.  This phenomena is especially vivid at dawn & dusk as other colors fade.

We have been printing billboards since 1972 & are now the ONLY printers of fluorescent billboard posters.  We call it GlowFlex.

Let us help you get YOUR haunt billboards more attention.  A few example are attached.

This is a sample of an Standard (30-sheet) poster.  It is 10'6"x 22'8"