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3-D Wall

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These 3D wall panels will move & dance before your audience's eyes, but they are a fun & enjoyable part of the trip thru your haunt!  So, they distract the customer and set him up for you next unexpected scare.

After 3 or 4 back to back scares, your audience realizes another scare is right around the corner.  But they will let down their guard when you allow them to relax with these enchanting, mesmerizing  walls & rooms.  Each design is available as wall panels, matching costume and hypnoscope.  All combine to create a unique, entertaining experience.  Your guests will be so involved in the 3d wall panels and never see the motion of the costumed actor until, BAM, the startle takes place!  The hypnoscope will keeptheir minds & vision busy so that you can set them up for your next big scare.  After all the best haunts are more than gore, because you can't really be frightened if your 're expecting to be frightened.  The best scares are the unexpected.

These designs are available in Flame Retardant Sateen fabric to match any 3D wall panel.  Hypnoscopes are also available in the same 3D design.  The Poly Wall as well as the fabric are flame retardant and the fabric is available as sateen material or completed costume