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Roadside Signs (Restless Souls)

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You know you have to advertise to get people to your Haunt.  And everybody knows that the way to save money is DYI, Do It Yourself.

Roadside signs can be a simple & effective part of your DYI program.  Ranging in size from 11”x28” to 4ft x 8ft, they are an excellent substitute for far more expensive billboards. We can produce GlowFlex (also known as DayGlo© or fluorescent) as well as conventional colors.  Pricing as low as $2.50 each.

Banners are another proven attention getter.  Placed outside your Haunt prior to your opening, they assure your attendees that something exciting is happening.  Pricing as low as $49.

All our products are manufactured at our Pennsylvania facility with American made materials. Can be used Indoors or Outdoors. 

This is an example of a 4'x8' GlowFlex Banner.  Call us for pricing on YOUR banner